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DVD/Video Slideshows - Create a unique video or DVD of your special photos set to music. This is a great for a wedding, birthday or anniversary. This is also a great way to celebrate the life of a loved one at their funeral or wake.

Product Videos - Nothing features or explains your product better or faster than a video. People’s attention spans nowadays are worse than a goldfish’s memory, so capture their attention with moving images and sound and relay all the crucial aspects of your product in a minute or less.

Special Speaker Coverage - Scheduling a special seminar at a business or club when all members or employees can attend is impossible. Video coverage and distribution of the event online or via a DVD allows you to ensure that everyone in your organization benefits from the special speaker’s words.

Live Preformances - Two camera live performances are a staple of our portfolio. From high school plays, theatrical productions to dance recitals and concerts. We specialize in the capture and editing process. Delivering a final product you can enjoy where ever you'd like.  

Video Services

Promotional Web Videos - Promotional videos are the driving force behind any new project. As a video production company, we want to help promote you. Promoting your products, services, or company with video draws immediate attention from your clients and customers

Event Videography - Whether it’s a fundraiser, graduation, birthday party, family reunion, anniversary, or some other event. You will want to remember every second. Today only happens once in a lifetime. Relive the occasion anytime by having Fleck Video LLC record your event.

Corporate Videos - Corporate video production services continue to be highly sought after. Whether it’s a mission statement, training video, or interview, producing world-class corporate videos is just one of the many keystones we have under our belt.

Sporting Events - Football, Soccer, Baseball and even Lacrosse and gymnastics we can, and have filmed it all. Weather you need us to film a special team game or just focus on one player in particular for a highlight reel Fleck Video LLC is at your service.